Bart: Hi, Is Milhouse Home? Mrs. VH: He's Playing In The Dirt With His Army Men -- Oh, And A White Piece Of Paper, I Believe.

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Bart: Hi, is Milhouse home?
Mrs. VH: He's playing in the dirt with his army men -- oh, and a white
piece of paper, I believe.
[Bart gasps, runs to the back of the house]
Milhouse: Cover me, Sarge! I'm going after Bart's soul!
[makes machine gun noises]
[in an accent] If the Ayatollah can't have it, no one can.
[drives a tank over the piece of paper]
Bart: [stammers] Uh, you know, Milhouse --
Milhouse: [smug] Yeees?
Bart: Bet you're getting tired of that soul, huh?
Milhouse: Nooo.
Bart: Suppose someone wanted it from you.
Milhouse: Oh. You want to buy it back, Bart? Sure, no problem.
[merciless] Fifty bucks.
Bart: What?!
Milhouse: Who's stupid now, huh? [laughs maniacally]
-- Takes one to know one?, "Bart Sells His Soul"