Bart: I Know That's Funny, But I'm Just Not Laughing.

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Bart: I know that's funny, but I'm just not laughing. [taps head]
Lisa: Hmm. Pablo Neruda said, "Laughter is the language of the soul."
Bart: I am familiar with the works of Pablo Neruda.
Lisa: I think we should do a test.
[puts Bart's skateboard in the middle of the hall]
Homer: [walking along singing] Oh, doo doo doo. Oh, I'm just walk --
[slips on the skateboard, gets stuck between the stair railing
D'oh! Ow! Ow. [flounders]
Lisa: [chuckling] Well?
Bart: [worried] Nope. I don't feel a thing!
Lisa: That's creepy, Bart. I think you really _did_ lose your soul.
Homer: [to SLH] Good boy.
[he bites Homer's butt]
Ow! Ow! Who's doing that?
Lisa: Hmm?
Bart: Nothing...
Homer: Help me -- ow! Why isn't anybody -- ow!
-- The day the music died, "Bart Sells His Soul"