Marge: [bright] Well, As Jerry Lee Lewis Would Say, "There's A Whole Lotta Frownin' Going On".

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Marge: [bright] Well, as Jerry Lee Lewis would say, "There's a whole
lotta frownin' going on". [laughs, then says "Mmm..."]
Lisa: Mom, doesn't _any_ love story have a happy ending?
Marge: Of course! Remember when...uh...your aunt Selma got married?
[0:04 flashback to 8F20: Sideshow Bob rubbing Selma's feet]
Selma: Ooh, oh, good, mm.
Bob: [quietly] Soon I will kill you --
Marge: [in the present] Oh wait, wait, that's no good. I know...your
_grandfather_?, remember?
[2:15 clip from 1F20: Grampa and Mrs. Bouvier]
Lisa: That doesn't seem like a happy ending. That seems more like a
detached tale of modern alienation.
Marge: I give up. Did anybody learn anything about love tonight?
Bart: We learned it screws everybody up.
Marge: Well, there's that side of it, but there's also -- oh, help me
out here, Lisa.
Lisa: Sorry, Mom. I've decided to save my love for someone who's
guaranteed not to reject me. [pulls out "Non-Threatening Boys"]
Soon, Corey, soon.
-- Here are some words that rhyme with Corey: ...,
"Another Simpsons Clip Show"