Hutz: Good News, Bart: The Krusty O Cereal Corp. Has Settled Your Case For $

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Hutz: Good news, Bart: the Krusty O Cereal Corp. has settled your case
for $100,000, less, of course, my legal fees.
Bart: [suspicious] What kind of legal fees?
Hutz: [looking nervous] Well, for a case this complex, I had to assmeble
a crack team of lawyers: Ronald Shaporo, trial attorney, Albert
Dershman, who can hold three billiard balls in his mouth.
Bart: How much of the hundred thou do I get?
[Hutz hands him a check]
Hutz: Yes, well, er --
Bart: Cool!
Hutz: Let's roll.
[they speed off in a white pickup truck]
-- With license plate "NOT OJ", "'Round Springfield"