BG: Then I Got My Big Break: I Was On Steve Allen's "Tonight Show".

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BG: Then I got my big break: I was on Steve Allen's "Tonight Show".
[flash to Steve Allen on stage and audience clapping]
Allen: Heh heh heh. Now, a brilliant jazz musician who's inspired me to
do some improv poetry. [chuckles]
Twinkle, twinkle, groovy cat, [BG starts playing]
How I wonder where you at.
I really love the way you cook,
Just like me when I wrote this book.
[holds it up] "How to Make Love to Steve Allen", from the author
of "Happiness Is a Naked Steve Allen", "Journey to the Center of
Steve Allen", and "The Joy of Cooking Steve Allen".
-- Jack Paar ain't got nothing on him,
"'Round Springfield"