Milhouse: Hey, Kid: Stop Wearing Your Backpack Over One Shoulder.

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Milhouse: Hey, kid: stop wearing your backpack over one shoulder. We
invented that, copycats.
Milhouse2: Uh, you copied us!
Milhouse: Step over this line and say that! I'll kick your butt!
[quietly] Nintendo.
[Shelby tosses a rock over the line]
Shelby: I just put a rock in your crummy town.
Bart: That's a crud rock. It belongs in Crudtown.
[tries to lift it and fails; other kids laugh]
Shelby: Look at the weak little baby. You're stupid, you stupid weak
baby! C'mon, let's get out of here.
Bart: Hey! They're taking our lemons.
Milhouse: We can't spare a single one!
[the Springfield kids start hurling lemons at the other
Shelby: You just got citric acid in my eye! You'll pay for that,
Abe: [seated nearby] Aw, some things never change.
Milhouse: Hey, everybody. An old man's talking!
-- Better pipe down and listen, then, "Lemon of Troy"