Herman: [ominous] Advance On Him, Men. Marge: [appearing At The Garage Door] I Don't Think That's A Very Good Idea.

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Herman: [ominous] Advance on him, men.
Marge: [appearing at the garage door] I don't think that's a very good
Crony: Oh no, it's Gloria Vanderbilt out for revenge!
Marge: No, it's Officer Simpson of the police.
[handcuffs the men; Herman rolls away and points his gun at
Homer: Herman, your beef is with me! Leave the girl out of this.
Herman: OK. [grabs him as hostage]
Marge: [gasps] Homer!
Homer: It's too late for me, Marge! Sell the jeans and live like a
-- Last-ditch pleas, "The Springfield Connection"