Marge: Oh, That's It: I'm Going To Write You A Ticket.

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Marge: Oh, that's it: I'm going to write you a ticket.
Homer: But Marge! We're family.
Marge: You're breaking the law.
Homer: I'll make you a deal: you rip up that ticket and I'll give you
back your hat. [snatches it]
Marge: Hey!
[Homer taunts her; Marge grabs for it]
[a crowd assembles to watch]
Homer, taking an officer's cap is an arrestable offense.
Homer: Ooh, what are you going to do about it? What are you going to
do, huh? [Marge's voice] Ooh, I'm officer Marge, I'm going to
arrest you. Wha -- what?
[Marge snaps handcuffs on him]
Marge, not here.'re not really arresting me?
Marge: You have the right to remain silent.
Homer: I choose to waive that right. [screams like a sissy]
-- His attorney will be Lionel Hutz, I'm guessing,
"The Springfield Connection"