Bart: Wow, Mom, I Never Pictured You As Any Kind Of Authority Figure Before.

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Bart: Wow, Mom, I never pictured you as any kind of authority figure
Homer: Marge, I want you to take care of yourself out there. You've
become very dear to me.
Marge: Oh, Homey, of course I will.
Lisa: Mom, if someone shot at the mayor, would you have to throw
yourself in front of him and take the bullet?
Marge: I suppose I would.
Bart: What if they shot at a Coke machine?
Marge: No.
Bart: TV?
Marge: No.
Bart: TV with a picture of the mayor on it?
Lisa: Whatever you do, Mom, we'll be proud of you.
Marge: Well thank you, honey.
Lisa: As long as it's constitutional.
Marge: Mmm. Homer, give me my pepper spray!
Homer: Oh, Marge, one squirt and you're south of the border! [eats
something] Mmm, incapacitating...[his eyes water]
-- Marge's first day on the beat,
"The Springfield Connection"