Lisa: Hey Mom, Is This How You Caught Him? [throws Bart To The Ground With His Arm Behind His Back] Ba

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Lisa: Hey Mom, is this how you caught him?
[throws Bart to the ground with his arm behind his back]
Bart: [panting] Face it, Lis, you're too puny to -- aah! Ow!
Lisa: Heh heh heh...
Marge: Lisa, unhand your brother.
[Lisa laughs unkindly, does so]
Bart: Yeah, like that really hurt. [walks away] [groaning] Oh...
Lisa: Mom, was catching that guy _the_ most incredibly exciting thing
you've ever done?
Marge: Well, it _was_ pretty exciting...but celery soup's pretty
exciting too!
[chops up the celery, grunting with each piece]
-- The many forms of excitement,
"The Springfield Connection"