Lisa: Stop! Don't Shoot My Dad. He's Innocent. He Wouldn't Hurt A Fly!

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Lisa: Stop! Don't shoot my Dad. He's innocent. He wouldn't hurt a
[they open the door]
Burns: [being strangled and shaken] Ho-mer Simp-son! Ho-mer Simp-son!
Homer: Stop telling them it was me! I'll kill you for saying it was me.
Burns: [grunting] What is the meaning of this? Smithers, who is this
beast that's shaking me?
Homer: [loses it] D'ohhh! [grabs a gun, cocks it as Burns' head]
Say it, Burns: say I never shot you! Before.
Burns: [jovial] Shot? [chuckles] By you? I'm afraid not, my primitive
friend. Your kind has neither the cranial capacity nor the
opposable digits to operate a firearm. The one who shot me was
[looks around, sees his assailant]
Aah! Aah! Aah! M-Maggie Simpson!
-- The truth revealed, "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two"