Wiggum: Here Is A Photo Of The Fugitive From Our Files.

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Wiggum: Here is a photo of the fugitive from our files.
[holds up picture of Homer in "Haig in '88" T-shirt]
And now, Waylon Smithers, uh, who's been a _real_ good sport
about that wrongful arrest thing -- whew! Heh -- has a, er,
statement that he would like to make. Waylon?
Smithers: Thank you. As Montgomery Burns' closest friend, I am certain
there's nothing he would want more than swift, brutal revenge
against Homer Simpson. Therefore I am offering a $50,000
reward for his capture -- dead or alive.
[everyone bustles off]
Wiggum: Oh, wow. Me first! Me first!
-- Justice is blind, "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two"