Lisa: Anyway, My Point Is, The Evidence Isn't As Concrete As It Seems.

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Lisa: Anyway, my point is, the evidence isn't as concrete as it seems.
Like those fingerprints: they could have gotten on the gun some
other way.
[flashback to Lisa in the car with Homer]
Lisa: Are you sure you don't want me to hold one of your ice cream
Homer: [driving with his knees] Pfft. Yeah, right. You chose fruit,
you live with fruit.
[one scoop falls out of the cone]
D'oh! [reaches under seat]
[touches Pipin' Hot Bread 8-track] No...
[touches pineapple air freshener] No...
[touches gun] No...
[touches lollipop] Ew! Why is this on the floor?
[puts it in his pocket]
[back to present]
Lisa: And we don't even know whose gun that was! Maybe somebody
planted it there to frame Dad.
Marge: No, we can't start thinking that way about our own family
members. Suspicion could tear us apart.
Abe: {That's right. We've all got to stick together if we're going to
have any hope of bringing that awful Homer to justice.}
-- Parental love, "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two"