Wiggum: We Need Two Cups Of Coffee, And Two Orders Of Bite-sized Breakfast Pancakes.

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Wiggum: We need two cups of coffee, and two orders of bite-sized
breakfast pancakes. With extra dipping sauce.
Kid: Please pull up to the service window, please.
Wiggum: [tries] The wagon's too tall! Oh, I don't want to have to get
out. Ehh, I'll just drive up on the curb.
[does so, leans out window to grab order]
[van starts tipping]
Wiggum: Almost got it...
Lou: Drop the food, chief!
[van falls over; back door opens and Homer stands up]
[Jasper pulls up in an old car]
Jasper: [honks] Damn fools! Drive Thru's not for a-parking.
[floors it, then skids to halt, pushing the van out forward]
[Homer hobbles in front of it, trying to avoid it]
Kid: Diane? I'm going to take my break now.
-- He saw nothing, you can't prove anything,
"Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two"