Marge: Grampa, I Found Your Cigar Box Dug Up In The Back Yard But The Gun Wasn't There.

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Marge: Grampa, I found your cigar box dug up in the back yard but the
gun wasn't there. Have you seen it?
Abe: You accuse me of everything around here?
"Who put slippers in the dishwasher?"
"Who threw a cane at the TV?"
{"Who fell into the china hutch?"}
Marge: I was just asking if you'd seen it. There's no need to be a
prickly pear. {[walks out]}
Abe: {[pulls gun from shirt] Oh, you're the bee's knees, baby. I
missed you bad.}
Marge: {Are you talking to me, Grampa?}
Abe: {Um...yes?}
Marge: {Ew...}
-- Old people's yucky affection,
"Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two"