Lisa: My Name Is Lisa Simpson And I Made A Chart Of All The Suspects In The Burns Case.

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Lisa: My name is Lisa Simpson and I made a chart of all the suspects
in the Burns case. Look! [holds up a card]
Mr. Burns hurt all these people financially.
Nightclub owner Moe Szyslak: his bar was closed because of
Burns' negligence.
Liquor connoisseur Barney Gumbel: when Moe's closed, Barney lost
his only means of support -- sucking coins out of the Love
Tester machine.
Eddie: {That's a _real_ good way to get sick.}
Lisa: Dedicated educator Principal Seymour Skinner: his school lost
millions when Burns pirated its oil well.
And grounds tender Groundskeeper Willy: he lost his job and his
dream of owning a fine crystal slop bucket.
Wiggum: Hey, what about that jazz teacher that got laid off? You know,
uh, Mr. Samba? Senor Mambo? What was it?
Lisa: Tito Puente?
Wiggum: Yeah.
Lisa: Well, he _did_ vow revenge, heh heh. [pause] But I can't see
him doing something illegal. He's in show business, he's a
celebrity --
Wiggum: Let's roll, boys.
-- Wiggum's wind gets up,
"Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two"