Wiggum: Wait A Minute. If The Second Old Geezer Got Shot, How Come Nobody Reported It?

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Wiggum: Wait a minute. If the second old geezer got shot, how come
nobody reported it?
[at the old folks home, they pound on door 26]
[Jasper answers]
Wiggum: Uh, hi. Um...can we take a look at your leg?
Jasper: [pulling off his prosthesis] That's real spruce. You like it?
Smithers: [seeing the bullet lodged in the leg] Thank God! Sir, I only
hope you can forgive me for shooting your wooden leg.
Jasper: You shot who in the what, now?
Wiggum: OK, Smithers, you're free to go. And you...one question. Do
you know who shot Mr. Burns? 'Cause we are _really_ up the
creek on this one, heh heh.
-- It can't hurt to ask, "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two"