Mel: Mr. Smithers Must Have Seen That Program Too! He Never Misses It.

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Mel: Mr. Smithers must have seen that program too! He never misses
it. [puffs pipe] the town meeting, he mentioned that
he watched Comedy Central. I made sure to note that, as it
seemed quite unusual.
Ye Gods! To the police station, Krusty.
[the two burst in]
Mel: I am Melvin van Horne. And this is my associate Herschel
Krusty: Hey hey.
Mel: Officers: you have arrested an innocent man.
Wiggum: Really? {Aw, jeez. [pushes a button] All right, Colossos,
you're free to go. But stay away from Death Mountain.}
Colossos: {[sulky] But all my stuff is there!}
Mel: {[clears throat] I was referring to Waylon Smithers.}
-- Elementary, my dear...Herschel?,
"Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two"