Smithers: Oh...could I Have Shot Mr. Burns In A Drunken Rage?

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Smithers: Oh...could I have shot Mr. Burns in a drunken rage? No, no,
not me. I know in my heart I --
[reaches into trenchcoat inside pocket]
[gasps] A gun! [sniffs barrel] And it's been recently fired.
Wait...I remember leaving the town meeting...
[flash to out-of-focus shot of Smithers' feet weaving down
[a shadow walks up]
[voiceover] I must have run into Mr. Burns outside and --
[Smithers grapples with shadow, pulls gun, and shoots]
[in the present] Mr. Burns! What have I done?
[falls on ground, weeps]
[a giant muffler walks by and slips a flyer into his pocket]
-- Thanks, giant muffler!,
"Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two"