Lisa: Everyone In Springfield Had A Reason To Shoot Mr.

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Lisa: Everyone in Springfield had a reason to shoot Mr. Burns, even us.
[everyone groans in agreement]
Bart, he broke your dog's legs. Grampa, he destroyed your home.
And Dad -- well, you kind of went berserk when he couldn't
remember your name.
Homer: {[screaming] Berserk is right! [quietly] May I have some iced
tea, please?}
Bart: Aren't we forgetting someone...Sister Suspect?
Lisa: [chuckling sheepishly] I was just getting to me. Because of Mr.
Burns, they canceled my jazz program, and my friend Tito Puente
got fired...but _I_ could never shoot someone.
Bart: Could so.
Lisa: Could not.
Bart: Could so.
Lisa: Could not.
Bart: Could so!
Lisa: Could not!
Homer: [interrupting] Kids, kids, kids. As far as Daddy's concerned,
you're _both_ potential murderers.
-- A loving, bias-free father,
"Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two"