Frink: N'hey Hey! Ahem, N'hey, So The Compression And Expansion Of The Longitudinal Waves Cause The Erratic Oscillation -- You Can See It There -- Of The Neighboring Particles.

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Frink: N'hey hey! Ahem, n'hey, so the compression and expansion of the
longitudinal waves cause the erratic oscillation -- you can see
it there -- of the neighboring particles.
[a girl raises her hand]
[sighs] Yes, what is it? What? What is it?
Girl: Can I play with it?
Frink: No, you can't play with it; you won't enjoy it on as many levels
as I do.
[he chuckles as he plays with it] The colors, children!
-- Professor Frink explains the physics of a toy,
"The PTA Disbands"