Edna: Seymour, You're Being _totally_ Unfair And The Teachers Won't Stand For It.

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Edna: Seymour, you're being _totally_ unfair and the teachers won't
stand for it.
Skinner: You don't have the guts to strike.
Edna: You don't have the guts to take us all on.
[they start walking away from each other]
[Bart pokes his head out of a locker and makes chicken noises]
[they turn around and glare]
Skinner: That's it!
Edna: Stee-rike!
[over the PA, a struggle is heard]
Skinner: Attention, this is an emergency broadcast: all is well in the
school. My authority as principal is total --
[more struggling is heard]
Give me that!
Edna: Attention, teachers: we're on strike.
[the kids murmur amongst themselves]
Lisa: Strike?
Ralph: Miss Hoover, are you on st --
Hoover: [skidding away in her car] Go home, children!
-- Sounds like a "yes", "The PTA Disbands"