Edna: Seymour, The Teachers Are Fed Up. You Have To Start Putting Money Back Into The School.

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Edna: Seymour, the teachers are fed up. You have to start putting
money back into the school. You've cut back on everything:
salaries, supplies, the food -- [takes a bite] -- I don't care
what you say, I can taste the newspaper.
Skinner: Posh. Shredded newspapers add much-needed ruffage and
essential inks. Besides, you didn't notice the old gym mats.
[Lunch Lady Doris feeds some into a grinder]
Doris: There's very little meat in these gym mats.
Edna: Our demands are very reasonable. By ignoring them, you're
selling out these children's future!
Skinner: Oh, come on, Edna: we both know these children _have_ no
[all the children stop and look at him]
[chuckles nervously] Prove me wrong, kids. Prove me wrong.
-- The Skinnerian challenge, "The PTA Disbands"