Bart: It's Hard To See What's Going On; I Can Only Make Out The Fat Soldiers.

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Bart: It's hard to see what's going on; I can only make out the fat
Skinner: All right, children, switch.
[one of the soldiers spots the children]
Man 4: Hey, they're trying to learn for free!
Guide: [sees them] Get 'em!
Man 3: Use your phony guns as clubs!
Skinner: Run, children!
[they take off, followed by the soldiers]
Start the bus, Otto, start the bus!
[Otto, siphoning, swallows some gasoline by accident and
Otto: Damn! I shouldn't have eaten the mint first.
[starts the bus]
OK, hop on!
[the children, for the most part, do so]
Uter: Wait, wait!
[he stumbles; the soldiers catch up and surround him]
Edna: Well, Seymour, because of your penny-pinching, we're coming
back from a field trip with the fewest children yet.
Skinner: God bless the man who invented permission slips.
[kisses an armful of them]
-- The field trip ends on a sour note,
"The PTA Disbands"