Skinner: Five Dollars A Child?! Last Year It Was Free!

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Skinner: Five dollars a child?! Last year it was free!
Woman: Hmph, new ownership. [points to sign]
["Diz-Nee Historical Park; Sorry, but there's profit to be
Skinner: But we don't have that kind of money! In fact, no school could
afford the --
[the brand new Shelbyville Elementary bus pulls up and
disgorges its passengers]
Valiant: Here's the admission, plus, er, something for you. See that
they get a little extra education, would you?
Woman: [bright] Yes sir, Principal Valiant!
Skinner: He thinks he's so hot ever since he swept the Princi Awards.
Those things are rigged...
-- Second-rate Skinner, "The PTA Disbands"