Burns: But They're So Wretchedly Adorable. 25 Little Rory Calhouns.

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Burns: But they're so wretchedly adorable. 25 little Rory
Calhouns...I can't do it. But I can kill you.
[Lisa whimpers like a puppy]
No, I can't kill you either. Look at you, standing there on
your hind legs like a couple of Rory Calhouns.
[Lisa and Bart sigh]
Lisa: Well, Mr. Burns, I hope you've realized the folly of killing
innocent animals for fashion.
Burns: [repentant] Oh, I have, I have! I swear I will never wear
any clothing made from an animal. [to himself] That can do
an amusing trick.
[a long time later]
Announcer: Another victory for Montgomery Burns' champion greyhounds. 25
dogs, 25 world champions which so far have earned their owner
over ten million dollars. I'll bet whoever gave him those
dogs is kicking themselves now.
[Marge walks down to the basement and sees Homer's shadow
Marge: Homer! For the love of God, no!
Homer: [grunts] Marge, you know that batting this lightbulb is the
only thing that cheers me up after giving away those million-
dollar greyhounds.
-- Homer releases his aggression,
"Two Dozen & One Greyhounds"