Lisa: {Wow, 25 Puppies!} [Snowball II Rubs Her Eyes, Whimpers, And Bats A Ball Of Catnip Aside]} Ba

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Lisa: {Wow, 25 puppies!}
[Snowball II rubs her eyes, whimpers, and bats a ball of catnip
Bart: {An army of dogs! No bully will ever touch me again.
[walks to front door; Jimbo threatens Milhouse]
Hey, jerkface! You have the face of a jerk.}
Jimbo: {[running over] All right, Simpson, you asked for it --}
Bart: {Get 'im, boys!
[the puppies stumble and whimper towards Jimbo]
Heh. Say, er, Jimbo, heh, hope I wasn't out of line with that
"jerkface" crack, heh.
[Jimbo pounds him]}
-- Would you believe..., "Two Dozen & One Greyhounds"