Announcer: Ladies And Gentlemen, This Is The End: The End Of Dog Racing.

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Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the end: the end of dog racing.
Everyone: Boo!
Marge: I think they're in love.
Everyone: Aw...
[the dogs lie contentedly on the track]
Homer: Aw, so _that's_ what's been wrong with the little fellow: he
misses casual sex.
Lisa: Can we keep Santa's girlfriend, Mom?
Bart: Please?
Marge: But she's not our dog.
Texan: She's yours now. Once they fall in love, they lose their
racing spirit.
Marge: Won't you miss her loyalty and companionship?
Texan: [guffaws heartily] Lady, you're all right.
-- I don't get it, "Two Dozen & One Greyhounds"