Homer: We Can't Lose! Look At The Name Of The Dog I Bet On.

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Homer: We can't lose! Look at the name of the dog I bet on.
Marge: "She's The Fastest"...Homer, I don't think that means
necessarily --
Announcer: And they're off! She's The Fastest jumps out to an
insurmountable lead.
Homer: You're lucky you got looks, Marge.
Announcer: As they round the far turn, it's She's The Fastest, followed
by Always Comes in Second and I'm Number Three.
Homer: Yes! Come on, you little horse!
Announcer: And they're in the home stretch. It's -- wait! Another dog
is on the track.
Bart: It's Santa's Little Helper.
Announcer: The mystery dog is gaining fast on the outside. Of course,
he could never win this race...or could he?
[SLH chases the lead dog]
Lisa: What's Santa's Little Helper doing to that dog?
Marge: Uh oh...
Bart: It looks he's trying to jump over her, but he can't quite
make it. Come on, boy, you can do it!
[Marge covers the children's eyes]
-- The birds having sex with the bees,
"Two Dozen & One Greyhounds"