Vet: Your Dog's Condition Has Been Upgraded From Stable To Frisky, [SLH Walks Out With His Hind Legs In A Cast On Rollers] And He's Free To Go.

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Vet: Your dog's condition has been upgraded from stable to frisky,
[SLH walks out with his hind legs in a cast on rollers]
and he's free to go. His legs should be as good as new in a few
months, but in the meantime he'll have to use the wheelabout.
Bart: I'll get even with whoever did this to you, boy, I swear it.
Vet: Whoops, almost forgot. Wouldn't want you gnawing on those
casts, eh boy?
[straps a lampshade-like thing around SLH's neck]
Nelson: Ha ha!
Bird: [in cage in Nelson's hand] Ha ha! [whistles]
-- Like owner, like pet, "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One"