Skinner: My Lord, Such Destruction. [sees Chalmers Climbing Up Onto The Roof] Superintendent Chalmers, Er, How Are You Going?

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Skinner: My lord, such destruction.
[sees Chalmers climbing up onto the roof]
Superintendent Chalmers, er, how are you going?
Chalmers: Why is it when I heard the word "school" and the word
"exploded" I immediately though of the word "Skinner"?!
Skinner: [makes awkward noises of protest]
Chemist: [holding a flask] Congratulations, gentlemen. Your custodian
struck oil. You're standing on top of the richest elementary
school in the state!
[the two men look surprised and elated]
We also found this. [hands Skinner oil-coated gerbil]
Skinner: Thank you, Superdude.
[hurls the carcass away]
-- The magical divining gerbil,
"Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One"