Lisa: [noticing The Cufflinks] Hey Dad, Did You Forget To Give Those Cufflinks To Hugh?

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Lisa: [noticing the cufflinks] Hey Dad, did you forget to give those
cufflinks to Hugh?
Lisa: Well?
Homer: I found them on the nightstand this morning and...well, I guess
they weren't his cup of tea. Don't worry about it.
Lisa: But you've been going on about these all week. I'm sure he just
[walks to where Hugh is preparing]
Hugh: Lisa, we're not supposed to see each other before the wedding.
It's tradition.
Lisa: What about _my_ family's tradition? [holds up cufflinks]
Hugh: Surely you don't want me to wear those? In front of my parents
and their friends?
Lisa: But you promised my Dad you would.
Hugh: I was just humoring him, darling. Actually, he frightens me a
Lisa: I know they look a little silly but his feelings will be hurt if
you don't wear them.
Hugh: [resigned] Fine. [wears them]
-- The delicate issue of the cufflinks, "Lisa's Wedding"