Marge: Homer! Bart! Maggie! Company Eating Rules.

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Marge: Homer! Bart! Maggie! Company eating rules.
Homer: [burps] Oh, right.
[everyone eats all delicate, like]
Bart: Anyway, Hugh, there's more to my life than just the wrecking
ball: I also crush cars into cubes. And on the side, I promote
local tough man contests. Basically, I'm getting out all my
aggression 'till I go to law school.
Homer: So, Hugh: have you heard all the latest American jokes? Uh...
here's a good one: pull my finger!
Hugh: [chuckles] Yes, we have that one in England, too, Mr. Simpson.
Homer: [threatening] I said pull my finger.
Lisa: [nervous] Uh, Mom? We've got my wedding dress fitting this
afternoon. Maggie, if you're not doing anything, why don't you
come with us?
Maggie: Mmm --
Marge: Maggie! Don't talk with your mouth full.
[Maggie glowers]
Homer: Me and Bart will take you out on the town this afternoon.
Lisa: Hugh should take it easy because of his fall.
Hugh: Oh, Lisa, please, the only thing bruised in that fall was my
spine. I'd be delighted.
Homer: Great. There's only one thing I ask in return.
Hugh: Certainly.
Homer: Pull my finger!
-- The first family dinner together, "Lisa's Wedding"