Patty: Homer, Um...I'm Speechless. You Just Saved Our Hides.

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Patty: Homer, um...I'm speechless. You just saved our hides.
Homer: Please, on top of everything else, don't make me picture your
Marge: That's a wonderful thing you did for my sisters.
Homer: I didn't do it for them...I did it for _you_, Marge. I'd kill
for you. Please ask me to kill for you --
Marge: No, Homey. You see? You see, this is the stuff I've been
telling you about that you never see!
Patty: Homer...we're...sorry.
Selma: If there's anything we can do to make it up --
Homer: Call off the debt?
Patty: Or, say, we could let you pass your driver's test --
Homer: Call off the debt?
Patty: Uh...well --
Homer: Debt's off! Let's go, Marge.
[squeals away in his car]
-- Exeunt Homer and Marge, "Homer vs. Patty and Selma"