Jimbo: {[weeping] I Haven't Been Moved Like This Since "The Joy Luck Club".

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Jimbo: {[weeping] I haven't been moved like this since "The Joy Luck
[Bart does a final leap; everyone oohs]
Bart: [thinking] They love me; I'm accepted. I don't need this mask
any more. [out loud] Behold, the masked dancer is me, Bart!
[removes mask; everyone gasps]
It is I who have won your acclaim.
Jimbo: Bart does ballet!
Kearney: He dances like girls!
Nelson: Ha ha!
Bart: Go ahead and laugh. But I took a chance and did something I
wanted to do. And if that makes me a sissy, well, then...I
guess I'm a sissy.
Jimbo: [pause] He's a sissy! Let's rush him.
-- So much for openness, "Homer vs. Patty and Selma"