Marge Appears In The Dream, Then Awakens Homer] Marge

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[Marge appears in the dream, then awakens Homer]
Marge: Homer! Homer, wake up! There's still a few minutes till our
usual bedtime.
Homer: Oh, my invention! All our money problems could have been --
Marge: Money problems? Homer, are we in some sort of fiduciary trouble?
[Homer imagines Marge dressed like a queen]
Homer: Oh, Marge, my loyal wife, of course not.
[Lisa walks up; Homer imagines her differently]
And Lisa, my little princess.
[Bart walks up]
And who could forget dear Ratboy?
Bart: Ratboy? I resent that. [gnaws on doorframe]
Marge: Bart, I told you before, stop gnawing on the drywall.
-- Bart's teeth-dulling tactics,
"Homer vs. Patty and Selma"