Lisa: [weepy] Thank You, Bart. I Promise I Won't Make Fun Of You Later For This.

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Lisa: [weepy] Thank you, Bart. I promise I won't make fun of you later
for this.
Homer: [sniffs] Show 'em what American butts are made of, Son.
[the Prime Minister shines his shoe]
[Bart bends over in front of him, on the other side of the gate]
Andy: That's it, lad: this is for the Commonwealth of Australia.
[winds up; Bart moves out of the way just in time]
Bart: And _this_ is for the United States of America!
[moons them: "Don't tread on me" is written on his butt]
[hums "The Star Spangled Banner" while waving it at them]
-- Patriotic until the last, "Bart vs. Australia"