Marge: I Can't Believe Our Government Would Set Up Bart Like That!

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Marge: I can't believe our government would set up Bart like that!
I'm must say, I'm very angry at the State Department right now.
Ward: Yes, but Mrs. Simpson, please: we're about to reach a
breakthrough with the Aussies.
Conover: [on the phone] Then it's agreed: during the bargaining session,
we each get two candy apples...all right, one candy and one
Marge: Oh, for the love of criminy! Gimme that. [grabs phone]
Look, I know Bart did something wrong, but he's my son, and
_I'm_ going to punish him myself. Our countries may have their
differences, but as human beings, I think we can all agree,
there's no substitute for the discipline of a loving parent...
[listens] He wants to talk to you.
Conover: Y'ello? Mm we're in agreement. She won't be allowed
near the phone again.
Marge: Mmm...
-- "Bart vs. Australia"