Homer: Oh, Yeah, This Is The Life! Boy, Next Summer Can You Commit Some Fraud In Orlando, Florida?

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Homer: Oh, yeah, this is the life! Boy, next summer can you commit
some fraud in Orlando, Florida?
Bart: I'm way ahead of you, Dad.
Conover: [walking in] Kno-ock! Simpsons, I'd like you to meet our
ambassador, the honorable Avril Ward.
Ward: Hello. Now, everything is all set for Bart's apology. Mr.
Conover will meet you at the parliament house at three p.m.
Bart: Yeah, do the toilets go backwards in here?
Ward: No. To combat homesickness, we've installed a device that
makes them swirl the correct American way.
[he flushes the toilet]
[it swirls one way, then a machine kicks in and makes it swirl
the other way]
Homer: [singing] Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing...[weeps]
-- A moment of patriotism, "Bart vs. Australia"