Conover: And Bart's Childish Taunting Agitated The Aussies Further.

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Conover: And Bart's childish taunting agitated the Aussies further.
Homer: Oh, he'll agitate you. Ho, ho! He sure will.
[laughs heartily, then less so, then sighs]
What can we do for you?
Conover: Well, it's too late to merely pay back the money, but as a sign
of good faith to our Australian friends, we'd like to imprison
Bart for five years.
Homer: [thinks briefly] That's tough but fair. Boy, go with the man.
Marge: [holds Bart to her] No, no, no! No! I'm not going to have my
son go to jail over some silly tiff with Australia. You'll
just have to find some other country to have relations with.
Conover: You're sure, now? The prison train is sailing.
[Marge hugs Bart tighter]
OK, I'm not hearing a lot of support for prison.
-- "Bart vs. Australia"