Bart: [sleepy] Hello? Bruno: Right! I'm Calling All The Way From Squatter's Crog, Australia And I Want To Speak To, Er, Dr.

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Bart: [sleepy] Hello?
Bruno: Right! I'm calling all the way from Squatter's Crog, Australia
and I want to speak to, er, Dr. Bart Simpson right now.
Bart: Uh...[plugs nose] hold, please.
Bruno: All right, but I don't --
Bart: [low voice] Payroll, Bert Stanton speaking.
Bruno: Oy! I said "Bart Simpson". What kind of a company is this?
Bart: [high voice] Bart Simpson's office.
Bruno: Thank the great good Lord. Look, I was just say --
Bart: One moment please. [hums "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head"]
Bruno: Who do they think I am, some stupid Aussie drongo? Bleedin'
yanks, I oughta --
Bart: This is Bart Simpson. Can I help you, ma'am?
Bruno: Yeah, er -- hey! My name is Bruno Drundridge, right? You owe me
$900, mate.
Bart: No, you owe _me_ $900!
Bruno: [stammers]! You're just some punk kid, aren't you?
Ooh, you picked the wrong guy to tangle with here, mate.
Bart: [chuckles] I don't think so. You're all the way in Australia.
Hey! I think I hear a dingo eating your baby. [hangs up]
-- Bart cries in the dark, "Bart vs. Australia"