Lisa: [walking In] Bart, You Can't Actually _call_ These Places.

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Lisa: [walking in] Bart, you can't actually _call_ these places.
Don't you know how expensive international calls are?
Bart: [dials] Hello, Operator? I'd like to make a collect call to
[in Australia, a phone rings; a koala electrocutes itself]
Operator: This is the international operator. Will you accept a collect
call from --
Bart: [lowering voice] Uh, yes. Uh, ahem, this is Dr. Bart Simpson
of the International Drainage Commission. It's an emergency.
Tobias: If it's an emergency, then.
Bart: We understand some drains in your area have been
malfunctioning, sucking in people and...whatnot.
Tobias: Willikers! That's awful.
Bart: [gravely] Indeed. We need you to check your sinks and toilets
and tell us which way the water is going, and please! Stand
[Tobias checks sink and toilet]
Tobias: [breathless] The fixtures...they're all draining clockwise,
Bart: D'oh, she was right, stupid Lisa science queen.
-- Bart forgets his sisters' mental superiority,
"Bart vs. Australia"