Lisa: Bart, Water Will Only Go The Other Way In The Southern Hemisphere.

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Lisa: Bart, water will only go the other way in the Southern hemisphere.
Bart: What the hell is the "Southern hemisphere"?
Lisa: [sighs] Haven't you ever looked at your globe?
[said globe is still wrapped for Bart's birthday from Abe]
Lisa: [pointing] See, the Southern hemisphere is made up of everything
below the equa --
[stops, sees Bart looking blankly]
-- this line.
Bart: Hmm. [spins globe] So down there in, say, Argentina, or...[reads
logo] Rand McNally, all their water runs backwards?
Lisa: Uh huh. In fact, in Rand McNally, they wear hats on their feet
and hamburgers eat people.
Bart: Cool!
-- Impressionable youth, "Bart vs. Australia"