Bart: Go, Toothpaste, Go! Move Your Pasty White Butt.

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Bart: Go, toothpaste, go! Move your pasty white butt.
Lisa: Come on, shampoo! You can do it!
[both swirl down the sink, shampoo first]
Yay! I won your stupid bathroom products race.
Bart: No fair! You only won because you had the inside track. If the
water was spinning the other way --
Lisa: It _never_ spins the other way. In the Northern hemisphere,
water always drains counterclockwise. It's called the Coriolis
Bart: No way. Water doesn't obey your _rules_: it goes where it me, babe.
Lisa: Yes, _Bart_...why don't you try it and see?
[Bart turns the tap on; water swirls counterclockwise]
Bart: I _know_ I've seen it go the other way. Ah, faithful toilet:
you'll prove me right.
[flushes it repeatedly; groans as it swirls counterclockwise]
Homer: [elsewhere] I'm a singin' in the show --! Ow! Hot...aah! Cold!
Oh! Hot! Cold! Hot! Oh! Who's...doing...that?
Marge: [walking into upstairs bathroom, seeing Bart pushing the water
the other way] Oh, for Pete's sake, Bart, use the plunger!
-- Marge, uncharacteristically,
misinterprets Bart's behavior, "Bart vs. Australia"