Emcee: And Now, To Help Introduce Our Fantastic New Burger -- The One With Ketchup -- Here He Is, Coming In By Parachute

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Emcee: And now, to help introduce our fantastic new burger -- the one
with ketchup -- here he is, coming in by parachute: Krusty the
[sound of Homer yelling, getting rapidly louder]
[he smashes through the hamburger display; his parachute
floats gently after him]
Homer: [dazed] [laughs like Krusty]
Children: Yay!
Homer: [reading monotonically] "To audience: I now proclaim this new
burger...for sale!"
Children: Yay!
Homer: [sees emcee motioning, laughs like Krusty]
[Homer does some inept cartwheels] Oh...save me.
Children: Yay!
[a midget in a prison outfit and mask walks out]
Child: It's the Krusty Burglar!
Homer: Ohmigod! He's stealing all the burglars! Why you little --
[jumps Krusty Burglar, starts pummeling him]
Emcee: Oh, Homer, it -- it's all -- it -- it's all j -- jus -- just
an act!
Child: [crying] Stop! Stop, he's already dead.
[two men drag Homer off]
Emcee: Er, Krusty the Klown, everybody!
[a few children clap; the rest are too horrified]
Burglar: Please look at my Medic Alert bracelet...
-- The dedication that shouldn't have been,
"Homer the Clown"