Krusty: Welcome To The Noble Family Of Skilled Krustaceans.

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Krusty: Welcome to the noble family of skilled Krustaceans. You will
now go back to your home towns and do kids' parties, swap meets,
and all the other piddling crap I wouldn't touch with a ten foot
clown pole. Now, come and get your catskins -- er, I mean,
[everyone lines up]
[Krusty hands out the first one]
[he shakes the man's hand and shocks him with a joy buzzer]
Man: [walking up] This is the happiest day of my li -- ow!
Krusty: Heh heh.
Homer: [grabs his diploma] Got it! No shock for me, hee hee! [runs
Krusty: Oh yeah?
[Krusty pounces on him and shocks him repeatedly]
-- Those goofy clown graduations, "Homer the Clown"