Homer: {And Then I Sped Away Without Anyone Seeing My License Plate.

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Homer: {And then I sped away without anyone seeing my license plate.}
Lisa: {Sounds like you had a good day today, Dad.}
Homer: {Yeah...except I forgot to go to work.}
{[everyone looks at him silently]}
Marge: What did you do today, Bart?
Bart: What _didn't_ I do? [hands his mother a newspaper]
Marge: [reads comet] "Boy Discovers Comet"...
Lisa: What?
Marge: "A young Springfieldianite has discovered a new comet to be known
as the `Bart Simpson Comet'." [gasps] Oh, honey, I'm so _proud_
of you.
Bart: But then, you've _always_ been proud of me.
Marge: [pauses] Yes...
-- Well no, actually, "Bart's Comet"