Bart: [in The Present] Wow, Dad, You Really Threw A Tantrum Like A Little Sissy Girl?

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Bart: [in the present] Wow, Dad, you really threw a tantrum like a
little sissy girl?
Homer: Oh, just that one time.
Marge: Actually, when I was about to have Bart --
Homer: [in flashback] You're pregnant?! [pulls hair, screams]
Marge: [in the present] And then when I told him about Lisa --
Homer: [in flashback] You're pregnant again?! [pulls hair, screams,
runs off]
Homer: [in the present] Well, who _wouldn't_ be upset? That new baby in
your mother's womb was a ticking time bomb threatening to blow
this family eight ways from Sunday.
[Bart and Lisa are walking off]
Hey! Where are you going?
Bart: Dad, you can't expect a person to sit for thirty minutes
Lisa: I'm going to get a snack, or maybe go to the bathroom.
Marge: I'll stay here, but I'm going to think about products I might
like to purchase. [closes eyes] Ooh...mmm...ooh, I don't have
-- Leading to commercial, "And Maggie Makes Three"