Homer: Ah, Another Perfect Day In My Perfect Life With My Perfect Job.

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Homer: Ah, another perfect day in my perfect life with my perfect job.
Wiggum: [driving by] Hey, just heard the news over the squawk box.
That's nice work, Homer.
Homer: Thank you, thank you very much. It is nice work.
Apu: Oh, Mr. Simpson, I have just heard about the little bundle of
joy. Congratulations, sir!
Homer: It's true, the bundle is little, but I'm not in it for the
Moe: [sly] Hey, Homer! Way to get Marge pregnant. [laughs]
Homer: This is getting very abstract, but thank you: I _do_ enjoy
working at the bowling alley.
-- Nietzschean Moe, "And Maggie Makes Three"