Homer Raises His Arms One At A Time In Front Of A Fan] [Carl And Lenny Hold Hankies To Their Noses And Cough] Carl

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[Homer raises his arms one at a time in front of a fan]
[Carl and Lenny hold hankies to their noses and cough]
Carl: [gagging] Homer, you should see a doctor -- I don't think a
healthy man can make that kind of smell.
Smithers: [walking in] Your paychecks, gentlemen.
Homer: [opening his] Woo hoo! This is it: with this single, glorious
check, I'm finally completely out of debt! [he checks a
calendar with the 18th circled: "Out of debt here"]
Yes! With my bills paid off, I can finally quit this lousy
Lenny: But Homer, how are you going to make a living?
Homer: Don't worry about Homer J., I've got a plan. [menacing] A
plan that'll fix you good...
Carl: Hey, what did we do?
Homer: Sorry, that just slipped out. [hugs them] I'll miss you.
-- Homer's sincere departure, "And Maggie Makes Three"